Privacy Policy. Data Security Policy. Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy is written to inform users how Expertise Network Services takes care of your personal information and how they use it. This privacy policy works as an assurance of the company’s competence and professionalism. Please read the mentioned policies carefully.

When it comes to the privacy of customers, Expertise Network Services makes every effort to make no compromise on their privacy. We care and respect each customers’ privacy. We understand you have already trusted us when you provide your sensitive personal information, thus we never do anything to harm this trust. No matter what, your trust and privacy matter the most.

We usually ask to provide your information when you come to our website, ask for any service, or communicate with our support team. The collected information will be used to improve our website/services, deliver the relevant content, or to reach you. To protect your information from any threat/scam, we monitor our website on a regular basis, and implement a myriad of security measures to counter any threat or any indication of a breach.

If you have a question in your mind, please feel no hesitation to communicate with our support team. Our support team is compassionate and available around the clock to help you.

Also, please note, we can amend our privacy policy when we think it necessary. We will inform you prior to making any change. It is our duty to regularly check our privacy policy to ensure it accurately reflects latest requirements.

Data Security Policy

At present, data is everything. No companies, big or small, can tolerate data security breaches. Data security breaches including internal or external threats are common and require immediate attention. With the right implementation, companies can deal with such security threats and protect confidential client information.

Expertise Network Services focuses on internal and external threats. To prevent such threats, Expertise Network Services creates an acceptable use policy as part of a data security package, restricts who has the right to download programs and who can make amendments to the items in certain folders. The company also ensures their anti-spam software is installed, updated and the system is scanned on a regular basis. Finally, we have a full backup solution to protect sensitive organizational data, in case of unexpected loss of data.

Terms Of Use

Please take the time to read our terms of service. The following terms and conditions are written to make users understand how we work.

We have copyright ownership for all content, including, but not limited to trademarks, proprietary information, text or visual content, and the entire content of the website. No users are allowed to misuse any content present on the website.

We allow users to procure certain third party services. However, we take no ownership responsibility for the content of third-party websites. Therefore, users are requested to read the policies that govern any third party services they want to use.

The content of the website, whether in writing or in visual, is made available on the basis of ‘as is’. Expertise Network Services makes no warranty in connection with any kind of written or visual content made available on the website. However, we make every effort to deliver accurate, precise, relevant content to the customers. Yet, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

The site is not intended to be used by children under the age of 13. When it comes to content, we expect our users to respect our copyright policy. Users are requested to make no amendment or misuse our content.