About Us

A Full-Service B2B Market Research Company

We give you insights into the market through our high-end B2B surveys

Expertise Network Services is a full-service B2B market research company that provides our clients with insights into their industry. Our team of market researchers have the skills to offer our clients in-depth information on the global marketplace. From beginning to end, we follow a systematic market research approach to find results that can truly help you enhance the efficacy of your B2B efforts.

Industry Affiliations

We are always eyeing new opportunities to play our role in the global market research space, covering industries in every corner of the world.



Financial Services

Information Technology (IT)




Our Process

We are experts in matching professionals with online paid surveys. We are motivated by 2 main goals: 

Goal #1:

Create a seamless process for our survey participants where all they have to do is respond to our outreach and let us know they are interested in taking one of our paid online surveys

Goal #2:

We help our clients reach the desired audience that has the knowledge our clients are hoping to learn from

Here is the step-by-step process:

  1. Using a series of online resources, we identify a pool of candidates that have the right qualifications to take our paid surveys.
  2. We connect with the desired candidate pool, explain the project we work on and ask if they would like to participate in our paid online survey.
  3. When the interest is confirmed, we send a link for our anonymous survey which usually takes 10-20 minutes to complete.
  4. After the survey is successfully completed, the survey respondent is offered different options when it comes to receiving compensation for participating (PayPal, Electronic bank transfer, gift card).
  5. Participant receives the payment confirmation and our finance team processes the compensation.
  6. Mission complete!